Why should I get a Series X?

I’m not gonna lie, I have definitely drifted away from being a “console gamer”. I spend probably 75% of my gaming time on my computer nowadays. I have a PS4 and a Switch sitting in my living room (sometimes in my bag), but they no longer are my main source for gaming. Having said that I don’t see myself completely abandoning consoles for the rest of my life.

We are now approaching what used to be some of the most exciting times i remember, new consoles. This fall (at least for now), the PS5 and Xbox Series X are due to drop. And much like the last generation I will only be getting one of them. It’s hard to justify having both consoles anymore. Being on PC now has made it very hard to pay for online features and paying so much for most games.

When I decide to make the move and purchase a new console it is going top be a PS5. This is because of both Sony and Microsoft. Sony has been doing a lot of things right for the current gen and promising great things for the future. I also prefer the exclusives that have been and are going to be on the Playstation. But the biggest reason for jumping on the Sony bandwagon is something Microsoft has knocked out of the park.

GAME PASS! This is why i don’t feel like getting a Series X is going to be worth it. I have a pretty decent PC currently and will most likely move on to a new one in the next several years. I enjoy being on my PC more than consoles either way now. I can play the best that Microsoft is going to put out on my preferred platform. Microsoft first party games are coming day one to pc as well as the Series X. I don’t have to wait and I don’t have to have Xbox Live either.

I’m currently doing this now, Minecraft Dungeons is open on another monitor as I write this. This is also one of the reasons I didn’t break down later in this generations life and grab an Xbox One. Why should I? Gears and Halo have been awesome on PC. Unfortunatley those are some of Microsofts only “BIG GAMES”. Microsoft has not done a very good job of trying to get my attention back after the Xbox 360 (that was actually my main machine last gen). Most of the people that I know that got an Xbox One only did so because their friends were on the platform. I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason anymore.

When it comes down to it, I don’t care that the Series X is going to be more powerful thatn the PS5. What good is that power when you don’t have much for exclusives and PCs will just outpower the consoles again in the near future. What exclusive games there are and that are going to be maybe worth checking out will be better on my PC later on anyway. Sony at least, for good or bad, makes their exclusives for their system and that’s it. Although that may change as well, which may make my earlier decision a bust.

My biggest problem is that Microsoft has stated that at least for the first year, their first party games must run on the old Xbox one hardware as well. So don’t take advantage of this new beast of a machine to try and sell it, just keep it so people can sit on their old hardware for another year or two. This is insane to me. Why buy your new system when I’ll get a great experience on this old hardware and not see the full potential of the new hardware.

Between being able to play on PC and being held back by last generations hardware I don’t see a logical reason anyone thinks that the Series X is a good buy over a PS5. Being part of the PC master race for a couple years now has made me realize how dumb have these console wars really are. Both sides make really weird decisions to outdo the other guy and right now I’m not sure what Microsoft is going for.