About Us

Hello, I am TH3R3DMAW. At least that’s me online. If you must know, my true name is Stevin. Almost everything for this site will be from or about myself. Though I’m not against maybe having some guests on here as well, most likely friends if they really want to.

I work a 9-5 during the week as a service technician to pay the bills. So cut me some slack as that does take up a good portion of my time. As does my wife and my dog. I love to be around them so I do as much as i can with them.

Outside of that I like to play games, read, and watch TV/movies. Though raised on consoles i have come to join the PC master race in the last few years. But i still have consoles as well, they are still just great couch experiences. I still like to hold a physical book but I have also gone digital with this as well. I also like physical copies of my movies too.

Whenever I’m able to I upload videos to my Youtube channel. They’re mostly just my friends and I just having a good time in a game. I will also hop on Twitch from time to time. Come check me out on either one of those if you wanna see what i’m up to.